Help Wanted

Are you bored with your 9-5?

Do you have an extra couple of hours a week to fuck around?

Write for Loot$ports!

I’m looking for individuals who can produce roughly one post per week (or however much your schedule allows).

Write about anything you’d like.

The primary topics I want coverage for:

Sports Gambling





College Football

College Basketball


English Premier League

Pop Culture

Choose a specialty or write about multiple subjects.

I’m open to podcast ideas as well.

You will get paid per post.

But pay will be very little…

You have to want to do it for the love of the game.

Geographical areas I want covered:


San Francisco

Las Vegas


Los Angeles



Pick one or pick them all.

My aim is to extend this blogs reach to everything West of the Mississippi.

It’s time for some fun sports discussions that aren’t dripping with East Coast Bias, don’t ya think?


DM me on Instagram @loot_sports or @lutemoss


Email me at

This rocket is about to take off.

Don’t Miss Out!

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