Fire Everyone

Did I watch the Broncos game?

Hell no.

Why would I?

I watched RedZone like a sane individual.

Hackett needs to be gone.

If the new Broncos ownership doesn’t fire Hackett tomorrow, that will tell Broncos fans real quickly what direction this franchise is headed in.

Think about how far we are from competing with the Chiefs? It’s a depressing thought. Everyone in the Broncos organization needs to be held accountable.

Just because George Paton drafted well (we think), that doesn’t mean he hasn’t failed at his other GM duties.

Like the coach he picks?

Like the trades he makes?

Like signing Russell Wilson to one of the biggest contracts in NFL history? Before he even plays a snap?

I’m not saying Fire Paton. I’m saying he’s officially on the hot seat.

Russ is officially on the hot seat too.

This dude is not connecting.

Not with his fanbase.

Not with his teammates.

Russ is missing guys. He’s not seeing guys. His teammates are yelling at him to be better.

Russ is making Teddy Bridgewater look good. Hell, even Drew Lock could give us 30 points any given Sunday.

Injuries have hurt us, fine. We still have to expect way more from a guy we traded multiple first round draft picks and players for.

Seahawks fans must just be over the moon. It’s clear Russ didn’t connect there either.

A fanbase doesn’t boo a QB that won a SuperBowl unless that person wore out his welcome, which he clearly did in Seattle. It’s only taken Denver half a season.

Along with those players and picks, Pete Carroll and Seattle must be smiling ear to ear for the heist they pulled.

This begs the question:

Is the Russell Wilson trade the most one sided NFL trade of all time?

It’s trending that way.

I don’t think the Denver Broncos have been in a worse place than this since before we drafted John Elway.

We haven’t had the right coach now for 6 years.

We haven’t had a good Quarterback for 6 years.

We haven’t particularly drafted well for 6 years (Paton drafts TBD).

That’s a recipe for a bad football team.

The brutal reality?

The Broncos have turned into the Colorado Rockies.

God save us all.

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