Kyrie Irving, Flat Earth Advocate, Claims He Cannot Be Anti-Semitic Because “I Know Where I Come From.”

For those of you wondering why Kyrie Irving is being asked if he’s anti-Semitic or not, peep this.

Now let’s get back to how Kyrie responded to the question, “Do you have any anti-Semitic beliefs?” Because his answer was WILD.

“I cannot be anti-Semitic because I know where I come from.”

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Mind you, Kyrie thinks he was born, raised, and is currently living on an Earth that is flat.

As a reminder, a couple of years ago, after a video surfaced of Kyrie explaining to his teammates why he thinks the earth is flat, this is how he responded the first time he was asked about it.

And this is a direct quote from Kyrie on JJ Reddick’s podcast explaining how he came to this conclusion.

So don’t get it twisted, Kyrie knows what he’s talking about. If you’re not getting your history lessons from Instagram, I don’t know what to tell ya buddy, because you’re not getting your facts straight.

But Kyrie must have done his research before promoting a movie to his *checks notes* 4.6 MILLION FOLLOWERS, claiming, among other things, that the Holocaust was fabricated. Right?

Well, quoted in this article by, this was how Kyrie came to posting a link to this anti-Semitic film:

“He claimed that he found the film because “my name translates into the Hebrew language as Yahweh” and he searched for “Yahweh” on Amazon Prime. “I went in the search bar, typed in ‘Yahweh,’ that came up,” Irving said. “Went out and shared it on my platform.”

What a scholar.

Then there’s this.

Don’t worry guys, Kyrie didn’t make the documentary. He only posted a link to the anti-Semitic movie to his 4.6 MILLION FOLLOWERS. While you’re at it Kyrie, you might as well post a link to “Mein Kampf”, the autobiographical manifesto by Adolf Hitler. I mean you didn’t write it, so what’s the harm?

Of all people, America leaned on Shaq to be the voice of reason on the matter.

Do I think Kyrie Irving is racist? An anti-Semite? A bigot?

I don’t.

I DO think he’s ignorant.

I DO think he’s a hypocrite.

Kyrie admits, rightfully so, that he has a unique level of influence on his community. He does, he’s not wrong. But then he plays the victim card and immediately contradicts himself. Fuck that.

This last interview response is a perfect encapsulation of who Kyrie THINKS he is.

Kyrie THINKS he’s the smartest guy in the room. He goes on Instagram and claims it as “research.” He read a dictionary once, makes sure everyone knows about it, and then says the big words he learned to make himself look smarter. He’s the guy at the party you immediately regret getting into a conversation with.

Kyrie Irving isn’t an anti-Semite.

Kyrie Irving is an idiot.

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