I’m Sorry Russ, It’s Clear Now Who To Blame For The Broncos Offensive Dumpster Fire. His Name Is Nathaniel Hackett

I should have sniffed this out when he preferred to be called Nathaniel.

I should have taken a clue from the piss poor game management, lack of discipline, and bad play calling displayed on a weekly basis.

But I didn’t.

I blamed the corny Quarterback who was trying his hardest to disguise ineptitude from the man running the show.

Come here Russell, everything will be ok.

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Oh don’t be like that. You hate playing for Nathaniel Hackett, don’t you?

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But you’re too professional to say it, aren’t you?

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Come here big guy, we trust that it’s not your fault.

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Ok now your turn Nathaniel.

No Nate, you’re not understanding the mood. This isn’t that kind of meeting.

You may have endeared us with your energy and optimism, but that good will you built up with Broncos Country is officially gone.

You suck Nathaniel Hackett.

No I’m not joking you nitwit.

Yeah that’s right, take it on the chin…that I’m not 100% sure you have. It kind of just blends into your neck now that I’m getting a good look at it.

Anyways, back to the point.

Stop looking at me like that! I’m supposed to be mad at you!

You exclusively run shotgun on 3rd and short!

You design deep routes for when we need short gains!

You make zero halftime adjustments!

I hate you Nathaniel Hackett!


Away from this team!

See what this team is doing to me? I’m playing make believe on my own fuckin blog. It’s disgusting.

There’s no hope anymore.

An elite defense will get wasted.

A bad dream has become our worst nightmare.

Nathaniel Hackett will get to finish the year and then we’ll be back to square one.

Broncos Country?

God help us.

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