Bet On Giannis

Do you have some extra cash burning in your pocket? Have you lost your appetite for gambling on sports since football season ended? Do you want to make some money?

Bet on Giannis.

The NBA has as much star power right now as it’s ever had before. From the newer stars like Luka Doncic and Ja Morant, to the guys that’ve been doing it for a long time, like Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, the NBA is in good hands. There’s one guy, however, that has risen above the rest.

The Greek Freak.

I know, I know. Nikola Jokic is about to win his second straight MVP. Statistically, the Joker is the best player in the league right now. He’s carried a team of scrubs to 48 wins and the playoffs. But the reality is, Jokic isn’t going to win anything without some help. Next year, we’ll be having a different conversation if Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. are healthy.

For now though?

This is Giannis’ league.

He’s Shaq, with the mentality of Kobe.

Giannis has improved his game every single year since he entered the NBA. Instead of following his NBA peers’ lead and jumping to a super team, he stayed in Milwaukee and won a championship. He scored 50 POINTS in Game 6 of his first NBA Finals appearance, closing out the Suns and winning Finals MVP at age 26.

The scary part?

He’s gotten better.

Giannis is shooting significantly better from the free-throw line (71.7%) and on mid-range jumpers (41.5%). He couldn’t do this with consistency last year:

Now he can.

Oh, and he’s also the most likable guy on planet earth. If you don’t know Giannis’ story, take the time to watch this video. You won’t regret it:

Giannis grew up in the slums of Greece, selling fruit on the street as a kid to help his family. He literally slept in gyms as a kid and practiced without shoes. How he’s gotten to this point is nothing short of a miracle.

Also, who could forget this tweet from Giannis in 2014?

Or this video of him ordering Chik-fil-A the morning after he won the Finals:

“Can I have please a 50 piece chicken mini’s. 50 exactly. Not 51. Not 49. 50 exactly. And then a large drink, no ice, half sprite, half lemonade. WOOOOOOOO!!! Bucks in 6, Bucks in 6, Bucks in 6!”

All-time video.

And if you want a good cry, watch Giannis after he wins his first regular season MVP:

Forget America’s favorite athlete, this should be the World’s favorite athlete.

But for some reason, people are still sleeping on Giannis.

Fortunately for you, this is where opportunity lies.

As of April 20th, the Milwaukee Bucks have only the 3rd best odds to win the championship on DraftKings. Putting $100 on the Bucks would give you a payout of $550.

Take this bet.

Don’t look back.

And cash in in a couple months when Giannis is standing on a podium accepting his 2nd NBA Finals MVP in as many years.

Bet on Giannis, you won’t regret it.

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