Gimme The Loot: 11/5-11/7

Last Week:

4 – 3

Accept Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia GIF

Wasn’t necessarily the result I was hoping for but a win is a win.

Overall this year Gimme The Loot is:


I’ll take it.

Winning money is kind of my thing…

So if you want to win money…

What You Waiting For GIF by Joel James

6 people won money last week.


I’m feeling supremely confident in this week’s picks, so this week is all about:


As always:

$25 for my picks.

$50 back to you if the majority of the picks don’t win.

And if you opt in this week?

I’m giving you $10 for every person you refer*.

No limit.

Refer 3 people? $30

Refer 10 people? $100

You get the idea.

No catch. No waiting to see what my picks do. You refer someone? I immediately send you the money.

So, I’ll ask you again…

What are you waiting for???

As always, DM me on Instagram @loot_sports or Twitter @Loot_Sports to take advantage of this week’s LOOT25.

GIF by Showtime

All gambling lines brought to you by:

DraftKings | TechRadar

*referral cannot be for someone who has previously taken advantage of the LOOT25

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