Gimme The Loot: 10/28-10/31 (Special Halloween Promo Included)

Here’s a recap of last week’s Gimme The Loot:

5 for 7…

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8 for 12 the last two weeks…

Curb Your Enthusiasm Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

And 15 for 24 overall…

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For those doing the math at home, that’s a 62.5% success rate for Gimme The Loot so far.

So I guess if you don’t like winning money, you probably shouldn’t pay attention to this blog…It’s okay, you can try your luck at playing the guessing game. “The house always wins” is just a myth right?


You could take my picks. You know the ones. The picks I spend hours every week researching so you don’t have to? The picks that win nearly 2/3rds of the time (up to this point)? The promotion I offer every week infamously known as the LOOT25? You get the idea.

So why fix what’s not broken?

Same deal as last week folks:

$25 for my picks.

$50 back to you if the majority of the picks don’t win.

$75 back to you if you played last week, the majority of the picks don’t win, and you refer a friend to play*

And because it’s spooky season, I’m adding one more wrinkle…

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If every NFL team who plays on Halloween (this Sunday) scores a touchdown, I will personally send you $10 if you take advantage of the LOOT25.

So all of a sudden, if every team scores a touchdown on Sunday, that $25 you invested in my picks? That $25 becomes $15.

No strings attached.

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So once again, DM me on Instagram @loot_sports or Twitter @Loot_Sports to take advantage of this week’s LOOT25.

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All gambling lines brought to you by:

DraftKings | TechRadar

*referral cannot be for someone who has previously taken advantage of the LOOT25

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