Gimme The Loot: 10/21-10/24

Starting 2-0 last week, I was on top of the world. I’m a genius I told myself. 5-0 here we come. CSU destroyed New Mexico (like I knew they would), and Fresno State took advantage of a tired and beat of Wyoming Cowboys team (as I predicted).

Then NFL Sunday happened.

First the Broncos got killed. Then the Chargers couldn’t score for the first time all year. And finally the Cowboys weren’t holding up their end of the bargain against the Patriots.

This is the first, and last, time I’ll ever say this: Thank God for the Dallas Cowboys.

Tied going into overtime, having taken the line of Cowboys -3.5, I had hope. Then the Patriots won the coin toss. I’m dead, I thought. Even if the Patriots don’t score, all the Cowboys need is a field goal to win. Then Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, the hero’s we didn’t know we deserved, delivered on a 35 yard touchdown pass to win the game…by 6 point.

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The last thing I want to do is brag about going 3 for 5 on my picks. But if I was to go 3 for 5 on my picks…pretty exciting way to get it done, don’t ya think?

So here’s the deal for this week’s version of Gimme The Loot.

I’m gonna give you picks. Oh I’ll give you picks.

But this week’s LOOT25 promotion is gonna go a little differently.

First, I’m not giving you the picks up front. If you want to win some Loot, I need to see some commitment from you. So here’s how it’s gonna work. You send me $25. I send you my picks for the week. If the majority of my picks lose, I double your money sending you $50 in return. So you either win with my picks, or win $50 with me. Either way…

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Second, if you took advantage of the LOOT25 promotion LAST WEEK, I’m TRIPLING your money if I lose this week. All you have to do to get this promotion is play again this week AND REFER A FRIEND to play.

So to recap:

First time players – $25 for my picks. They lose? You’re getting back $50.

Second time players – $25 for my picks. They lose? You’re getting back $75 big ones.

Will you want my picks to lose? Depending on how much you bet on them, maybe. But that’s the fun of it. Win or Lose…

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I’m just that confident in my picks this week.

Just like last week, DM me on Instagram @loot_sports or Twitter @Loot_Sports to take advantage of this week’s LOOT25.

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