Can Someone Please Look Into Vic Fangio And Pat Shurmur’s Emails?

Both guys are dinosaurs in this league. There has to be something incriminating they’ve said in the last 25 years, right?!?

Of course, this is getting brought up because of the revelation that Jon Gruden is actually, maybe, like totally not such a cool guy. Honestly we should have seen this one coming. I mean who spells their first name J-O-N and expects to get away with it? This guy’s clearly a sociopath.

This stuff just falls in line with the Raider way. It turns out “Just Win Baby” was just a term the late great Raiders owner Al Davis came up with to distract the rest of the league about much of a piece of shit he was. What an unsurprising turn of events for such an honorable franchise.

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In other news for the Broncos, an actual respected franchise, Vic Fangio and Pat Shurmur continue to be terrible at their jobs. How hard could it be to find something one or both of these men have said that could get them fired? I’m not talking like getting them cancelled or anything, I’m not in the business of ruining another man’s life, but can’t we find a compromise? Like somewhere in between this whole Jon Gruden mess and, let’s say, Rex Ryan being really into feet. Like Rex Ryan’s foot fetish was weird… but not fireable ya know? So what’s something a little worse than that we could find?

Vic Fangio is 65 and Pat Shurmur is 56. This means the accepted vernacular back when they were like 30, is definitely not acceptable now. Is referring to a soccer player as a field fairy considered racist yet? Because if it is, I guarantee these guys are in trouble.

Unfortunately I don’t see that happening.

No matter how many times Fangio forgets how much time is on the clock, or how many timeouts he has, there’s no rumblings that he’s actually a bad guy. And no matter how little carries Pat Shurmur gives Javonte Williams, or how few targets he gives Noah Fant, I don’t think there’s any Gruden type revelations coming out about him soon.

Alas, this is what Denver fans have to deal with for the foreseeable future. Lucky for them, all will be forgotten (at least for a week), if they can come off this week with a win against the

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