Minnesota Vikings Football GIF

Who woulda thunk it huh? The Broncos are exactly who we thought they were. A good, but not great team. Teddy Bridgewater is becoming exactly who we thought he was too. A good, but not great quarterback.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again:


For god sakes people, it’s like I’ve been screaming this into a wall for 3 years.

Now I’m not going to make excuses for the Broncos this past Sunday. It looked bad. Really bad. The offensive line play was horrible, the QB play was disgusting, and the defense wasn’t very good.

Do I still think the Broncos can win 10+ games this year? Hell ya I do. But can they win a Super Bowl? No, I still don’t think they can.

So what are we doing??? This is a Super Bowl winning organization.

I’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing…

Waiting for this guy:

Green Bay Packers Deal With It GIF by NFL

Because if we’re not, I honestly have no idea what our contingency plan is.

And for those of you that wholeheartedly believe in Teddy, I get it.

I really do.

He’s the closest thing the Broncos have had to competent QB play since 2014. Why would one bad game cause mass hysteria about the direction of the franchise?

Because I want more, that’s why.

I want the Broncos to compete for Super Bowls, not just get to the playoffs.

I want Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Derek Carr to wish they got drafted by Denver.

I want us to have the same expectations that Pat Bowlen, the best owner in sports, had.

To win it all. Over and over again.

Instead, I’m afraid Broncos fans everywhere are going to experience exactly what Chief, Raider, and Charger fans had to deal with when Denver had John Elway at Quarterback.

Decades of disappointment.


Let’s win some games this year. Maybe even a playoff game or two.


No matter what it takes.

“The night is darkest just before the dawn.”


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