Gimme The Loot: NFL Week 2

A quick recap of last week’s edition of “Gimme The Loot”:

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Over +52

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Denver Broncos at New York Giants

Denver -3

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Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders

Baltimore -4.5


Over +50.5

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Iowa at Iowa State

Iowa +4.5

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Texas A&M at Colorado

Texas A&M -17

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Air Force at Navy

Under 40.5

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5 for 7, I’ll take it.

Moral of the story? Gimme The Loot is a blog you’re gonna want to follow.

This week I’m just going to concentrate on NFL action. That sweet sweet NFL action. Without further ado:

New York Giants at Washington Football Team

Under 41

Daniel Jones vs Taylor Heinicke. ‘Nuff said.

Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars

Denver -6

The sportsbooks clearly haven’t realized how good the Broncos are this year and I’m gonna keep hammering the spread in favor of the Broncos until they figure it out. Wanna make even more money? Adjust this line to 9 or 10 points. That would have done you wonders last week against a Giants team that is exponentially better this year than whatever lineup Urban Meyer and the Jags are rolling out each and every week.

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

Over 44.5

I’ll call this – Hammering the Jameis Over. I think the Saints are going to continue to score a lot of points and I can’t wait for the MVP chants to start for Jameis when he gets back to New Orleans.

San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles – Moneyline

San Francisco is beat up and the Eagles looked better than expected last week. Albeit against a very bad Falcons team (Jesus they looked terrible). Jalen Hurts is officially going to win over the hearts and minds of Eagles fans after an impressive win at home against a good 49ers team.

Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals -4

I don’t know if I’m more of a sucker for the Kyler Murray is awesome narrative, or the Kirk Cousins is terrible narrative. I’m fully invested in both. This is another one of those instances where pumping up the line wouldn’t be a terrible idea. I think the Cardinals win this one handily.

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Gamble responsibly.


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