I Was Wrong About Teddy

When the Broncos signed Teddy Bridgewater right before last year’s NFL draft, Denver fans let out a collective sigh. “Great,” we thought, “another mediocre QB signing.” Remember, this is a fanbase that had dreams of Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson. (Some still do). A franchise altering quarterback that will put the Broncos back where they belong: Competing for championships. After passing on Justin Fields and Mac Jones in the draft, I was pissed, but I thought, “Maybe our front office guys believe in Drew Lock’s potential?”

And I believed it too. See here.

But once Teddy was named the starter, I was deflated. In my mind, the Broncos were yet again giving up on a a highly drafted QB. One that looked like he had grown. If not into a top 10 QB, at least one that could eventually turn into a quality NFL starter. Because that’s all we needed, right? Our roster was/is loaded. I wanted the upside. I wanted to see what this team was capable of.

I was wrong. To see what this team is capable of, at least this year, Teddy is the man for the job.

I learned this past Sunday that Teddy isn’t just a “game manager.” He’s a playmaker. “Steady Teddy” isn’t just a nickname, it’s the way he controls the pocket in the face of pressure. I thought our offense would settle for too many field goals, but Teddy made plays on third down and scored touchdowns. This was the best QB play the Broncos have gotten since 2014, plain and simple.

Do I think Drew Lock could have pulled this off?

No, I do not.

That’s what I missed about Teddy. I didn’t know he was capable of plays like that.

Or like this:

That’s a quarterback that stays calm under pressure. Do I still think Drew Lock is on his way to that? Yes, I still do. But is he there yet? No, he’s not. Teddy is. That’s the difference.

I was wrong. Teddy Bridgwater is the quarterback Denver needs this year. He’s not only going to help us stay competitive, he’s flat out going to win us games. I can’t wait to see what he does next.


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