Gimme The Loot: Gambling locks of the week

Ahhhhh, Week 1 of NFL football. What a time to be alive.

Week 2 of College Football. Beautiful.

Every week of the NFL and College football season, I will give you gambling picks that will win you money. If you choose not to follow my advice, fine. Enjoy not making money. Loser.

Without further ado:


Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Over +52

Why would you not want to bet the over on total points in the first game of the NFL season? Honestly, if you don’t bet money on this I don’t want you reading this blog. You clearly aren’t my audience.

Denver Broncos at New York Giants

Denver -3

Call me a homer. Call me a hopeless optimist. Call me whatever, I don’t care. I’m an unapologetic Broncos believer this year and I think it starts with the first game. Taking off my biased glasses for a second, I still think this is one of the easiest picks on the board this week. The talent disparity between these two teams is clear to me and if the Broncos don’t win this game somewhat handily, that will be a bad look for Vic Fangio and his staff. I’ve got Denver covering this spread with ease.

Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders

Baltimore -4.5


Over +50.5

Picking two road teams to cover on the first week of full capacity stadiums in almost 2 years? Just call me the modern day Evel Knievel.

Bet these two separate, parlay them, whatever. They’re both happening. I wouldn’t wish Lamar Jackson on my worst enemy on the first week of the season. Additionally, the Ravens are just a much better football team than the Raiders. (As I’m writing this both Gus Edwards and Marcus Peters appear to have torn their ACL’s. Gamble at your own risk.)

As for the over? Besides the fact that Marquise Brown and Henry Ruggs can bust off for a touchdown at literally any moment, more than anything, I am a firm believer in the ability of the NFL to make sure this game is entertaining. What’s more entertaining than a lot of points being scored on the first Monday Night Football game of the year? ‘Nuff said.


Iowa at Iowa State

Iowa +4.5

What better way to start off your college football Saturday than betting on a rivalry game.

Iowa absolutely dominated Indiana last week at home and I’m expecting them to carry that momentum into this Saturday with a game against an Iowa State team that was very well regarded before the year began. However, ISU barely beat Northern Iowa at home last week. In a big time rivalry game like this, anything could happen, but looking at how these two teams played last week I can’t help but think Iowa at the very least covers the 4.5 point spread. If you’re feeling frisky, I don’t think taking Iowa straight up is a bad idea either.

Texas A&M at Colorado

Texas A&M -17

I’m sorry Buff fans but this is easy money. It’d be one thing if the #5 team in the country was coming into Boulder, but this game being played at Empower Field at Mile High just screams blowout to me. If you think Texans are taking over Denver now, just wait until you see the crowd Saturday night. This may very well act as a home game for the Aggies, and that spells trouble for a Freshman QB led CU Buff team.

Air Force at Navy

Under 40.5

I love me some down in the trenches, triple option, military football. In all seriousness, the pageantry of two military academies playing on a Saturday afternoon is a beautiful site to see. The actual football being played? Not so much. I don’t see any way the final score of this game is anything other than something like 12-10. Or 14-13. Or 9-6. You get the idea. For everything great this game represents, hammering the under is the easy play here.

And there ya have it, the first edition of Gimme The Loot. Again, it’s up to you. Do you want to wake up Monday morning with loads of money? Take these picks.


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