Top 5 Ugliest Dudes In The NBA


Khris Middleton

My dude looking like a straight up chipmunk out here.

Khris Middleton, you just won a championship!!! What are you gonna do next??? Brother, you best be going straight to the dentist to get them teeth fixed.


Jared Dudley Stats, News, Bio | ESPN
Jared Dudley

I don’t…I don’t even wanna be mean. I kinda feel bad for the guy. I wanna give him a hug to be honest.


Seven foot-plus NBA player rides around arena in go-kart - CNN
Boban Marjanovic

I love you Boban, but you’re one ugly motherfucker.


Trae Young Stats, News, Bio | ESPN
Trae Young

“All that matters is you love yourself”

-Trae Young whispers to himself as he falls asleep every night.


Anthony Davis (AKA Lebron’s bitch)

AD takes the top spot here purely because he CHOOSES to look like this. The mini hoop earrings are the icing on the cake for me.

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