It’s About Time The MVP Gets Some Goddamn Respect

For all the bullshit that regularly consumes our daily lives, there’s one thing that’s been irking me more than any other:

The blowhards in sports media constantly disrespecting the MVP, Nikola Jokic, every chance they get.

I’m looking at you Nick Wright. Go fuck yourself buddy.

Unfortunately it’s not limited to the media. “Bitch of the Decade,” LeBron James also chimed in with what I’m sure was a super well informed *Cough* China *Cough* position on the matter.

But it’s not just these douchebags blowing hot air out of their face holes that bothers me. It’s the narrative that’s been built. The narrative trying to diminish the Joker’s accomplishments. If you want to bring other names into the MVP conversation, fine. Steph, Embiid, Lillard, they all had great seasons. But Nikola Jokic? He’s changing the game of basketball right before our goddamn eyes.

The man has straight up invented a position; Point-Center. He’s 7 feet tall and he brings the ball up the court…He averaged over 8 assists during the regular season…along with 26 points and nearly 11 rebounds. Oh yeah, and he just beat a fully healthy Damian Lillard led Portland Trailblazers team without Jamal Murray, Will Barton, and P.J. Dozier; three of the top six guys on the roster. Jokic just beat Lillard and Co. with a starting backcourt of Facu Campazzo and Austin Rivers….Think about how fuckin absurd that is?

So what are we going to hear heading into the second round of the playoffs? How Nikola Jokic, the MVP of the NBA at barely 26 years old, has accomplished one of the most remarkable feats we’ve seen in years? Pshhh, yeah right. Denver sports fans will undoubtedly have to sit through hours of bullshit about how Dame Time didn’t have enough help…again.

But here’s the thing Nugget fans: It doesn’t fuckin matter.

Nikola Jokic will keep doing Nikola Jokic things, and it will continue to be a privilege to watch. Imagine being a Boston fan watching Larry Bird in his prime. Now imagine Larry Bird was 7 feet tall. That’s what we’re getting to watch on a nightly basis.

So while we watch magic on the floor every night, we shouldn’t blame the Nick Wright’s or Lebron’s of the world who pretend not to. If anything, we should feel sorry for them. Because while we’re witnessing greatness, they’re choosing to ignore it.



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